“Will counselling help?” Counselling is often a useful addition to the personal
resources that you have if you would like to add a
trained and experienced resource to the thoughts
and feelings you already have within yourself.
“Will counselling help?” It will enhance who you are and what you want. “Will counselling help?” We will work together on what is meaningful
and important to you.
“Will counselling help?” Counselling will only enhance the never-ending
process of taking good care of yourself.
“Will counselling help?” It will help you keep your Sunshine strong!

Counselling Services

Counselling Services


Do you find yourself wondering about or bothered by some of your thoughts, ideas, feelings or actions ….. or those of someone else? I can facilitate a process with you, where we work together one on one, that helps you sort out, develop or change the things that are meaningful to you. You will experience an atmosphere of acceptance where it is important to me that you feel listened to and understood. I will ensure that the time we spend together is focused on the challenges you are currently facing while moving in the direction you want to go in that is right for you.


Things don’t always go smoothly in our relationships.  You may seek counselling if you are in a relationship, or family, and are concerned or worried about something that is important to you. You may be experiencing challenges in your relationships or you want to make a good relationship even better. Counselling can help. It is personal, private and focused on what it is you want.

I provide counselling and coaching services to individuals, couples, families and groups. My professional coaching services include both life and relationship coaching.


I work in collaboration with Mills Psychology, as a team, under the direct clinical supervision and direction of Dr. Jon Mills, C.Psych., ABPP, Psychologist, to provide you with the assessment, counselling and psychotherapeutic services that can help you have a successful family life for you and your children. I work with families in dealing with parenting challenges, parental alienation, conflict resolution/mediation and striving to bring out the strengths in family members so that family life can be more peaceful and enjoyable. Family planning and structuring is an important thing to do to help your family be on the right track at a time when life is too busy and you don’t want to spend endless hours in conflict with each other. I can help you resolve issues related to family planning, parenting preferences, extended family members, different generations and creating meaningful relationships for all.

Consulting Services

In collaboration, as a team, with Mills Psychology, under the direct clinical supervision and direction of Dr. Jon Mills, C.Psych., ABPP, Psychologist, I provide Custody & Access Assessments that can help you have a successful family life for you and your children. For all parents and lawyers interested in having this assessment, they should refer to, and follow, our protocol. To view the custody & access protocol, ‘Click Here’.

My consulting services also includes working with individuals, groups and workplaces on issues related to the importance of gathering and benefitting from client feedback, workplace engagement, employee concerns, harassment, stress management, performance coaching and inclusive leadership practices.

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