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The questions below are just a few of the questions you may have about counselling services provided by me.  I have put this page together to help answer your questions. Please feel free contact me with any questions you may have at david@currie.ca or by phone 905-242-5900.

How long does it take?

Counselling is a process that is different for everyone and depends on your unique needs, the issues you are dealing with and the goals/changes you want to achieve. I will work with you on what is most important to you based on your needs and in a way that most effectively uses our time together. I practice brief forms of intervention where suitable and some people need or prefer longer term services. Sessions are focused on what you need. Counselling usually takes 6-12 sessions or more based on people’s needs, preferences and goals.

What is the Cost?

What is the cost? In order to make my services most easily affordable for you, my fees are based on feasibility and the level of insurance coverage available to you through your employer’s Workplace Insurance or Extended Health Insurance benefits plan or another family member’s plan. This will minimize the costs for you and may cover most if not all of your counseling fees. It is important that you know what counselling and psychotherapeutic services are covered for you to make best use of these benefits that you are entitled to. It is important for you to verify your benefit coverage when you arrange your first session. Fees are payable at the time of each session.

Will counselling help?

Effective counselling provides you with clarity, confidence and peace of mind in whatever direction you are going. We will work together on what is important and meaningful to you. I will assist in facilitating and empowering the things inside of you that you want to get sorted out, resolved, or put to rest. It provides both an outside perspective from someone not involved in the situation as well as support and help to get your needs met.

Someone told me that if I went to counselling, I would have to talk about my mother for 2 years. Is that true? My mother is not part of the problem.
No, we will not need to talk about your mother for 2 years. In my counselling with you, we will work in a focused manner, on the things that brought you to counselling and in the direction that best meets your needs.

Is it confidential?
Counselling sessions are private and confidential. This is a primary value I hold in any work that we do together.

Is counselling just done in your office?
Sessions are mostly conducted in my office. I can also provide services at other locations such as home visits or by telephone where preferred or necessary. Counselling sessions will also be available online using a secure and encrypted online service in 2013. Other unique arrangements can be made as well depending on your needs and interests. Contact me with any questions about this.


Covid-19 Message: Effective immediately our services are available online, by phone and face to face. Use our form to book an appointment. Contact me