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Working toward Happiness

So…… what makes a person happy? Perhaps this is a wrong question. This question suggests that someone…. or something…. outside of yourself is what ‘makes you feel happy’. Leaving the question this way might lead someone to think they just needed to ‘find the right person’ or ‘buy the right thing’ in order to increase, and maintain, a level of happiness.

What if the question was instead….what does a person need to do to make themselves happy or happier? The way this question is now worded, implies that the answer lies within yourself, and not outside.  That creates a different way to think about being happy.

How would you know if you were happy? Happiness shows itself in many different ways. Some people jump up and down, shout out or sing loudly, or feel great rushes of emotion when they feel what they would call happy.  Others bask in quiet reading or reflection on an experience they had, or think about the challenges they’ve personally overcome in their lives.  Still others have matched their passion with their job or careers.  Many people describe their happiness as rooted in the meaningful relationships they have with other people.

If you think of yourself as responsible for your own happiness, does that mean that the chances of experiencing happiness are greater because you hold yourself responsible for it?

What do you think?

What makes you happy?

What have you done to make yourself happy?

You are invited to share your thoughts on this.


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