Are We Too Busy?

When was the last time you thought you had spare time to do anything? When was the last time you heard someone say they just relaxed for a couple of hours?

Most people seem to have full schedules these days with little time to spare for anything that isn’t part of a focused task for work, an appointment for themselves or others, driving their child to lessons or sporting event, getting dinner ready, cleaning the house, getting the shopping done or many other examples!

While many people have hobbies and special interests that they choose and like to spend time doing, there still seems to be limited time for people to ‘put their feet up, take it easy, unwind, read a book’ and so on.

What are the effects of an overly busy lifestyle on both ourselves personally as well as our relationships with others?
People speak of valuing the time they are able to spend with family and friends but can also feel lonely and isolated if they don’t have the kind of time needed to nurture the relationships they value most.

Sometimes we need to take stock of how much we have going on in our lives in order to ensure that we protect ourselves from being so busy that we neglect to nourish the ones we love and care about (including ourselves). To do this we need to periodically be ‘busy doing nothing’ which simply means it is time I’m protecting to just be with myself, or with those I care about in order to make sure we maintain a good connection.


  1. Well said. We brag about how busy we are. How nice it would be if people started to brag about what a relaxing weekend they had or the pursuits of leisure they engage in on a regular basis. The new print in my office is a beautiful ocean scene and a hammock and the caption reads “The art of doing nothing is really something”. Thanks for reminding us of what’s important David. It’s easy to forget…when your’re busy!

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